The region of Aurangabad is so rich historically that one can discover wonders at the bend of a path.

This happened to us last week.

The fort of Daultabad, which is a masterpiece of medieval architecture, was a great city in the 14th century when the Sultan of Delhi Muhammad bin-Tughluk decided to transfer his capital from Delhi to Daultabad. He built four lines of defence, three parts are still visible today.

The fourth line of defence called Ambarkot, has not been declared under the protection of the government and has now almost disappeared.

During the exploration of the Daultabad, we discovered a hammam dating from 1583.

This building has lost its beautiful attire because first floor is destroyed completely.

Hammam entry
Hammam entry

On the other hand, once we are inside, we see different types of suprises.

This hammam was built in 1583, during the reign of Nizam of Ahmednagar as reflected in the frescoes representing their emblem.

Emblem of Nizam

While entering the hammam, there are stairs on right and left side that give access to the floor. Considering the status of first floor, the two stairs are condemned. The first door gives access to the reception room of the hammam.


The next door opens onto a corridor which leads to toilet on the right and to the left, a series of rooms which has the traditional bathrooms. Private rooms allows a little privacy for the masseurs which used to happen in the past and other practitioners were able to administer their care.

On the walls, it is still possible to see frescoes of ornaments.



As every time we discover new places, we have a long research work to perform. As soon as we discover new things, we will keep you informed.