Lonar Lake is a salt soda lake located in Lonar in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra, India, created by a meteor impact during the Pleistocene era. It is the third largest crater in the world and the only one in India. It is the only known crater of hyper-velocity in basaltic rock on Earth. Lonar Lake has an average diameter of 1.2 kilometers and is about 137 meters below the edge of the crater. The meteor crater is about 1.8 kilometers in diameter.

The Lonar lake

Many temples surround the lake, most of which are in ruins today, with the exception of the Daitya Sudan temple in the center of the town of Lonar, which was built in honor of Vishnu’s victory over the giant Lonasur. It is a fine example of primitive Hindu architecture. Vishnumandir, Wagh Mahadev, Mora Mahadev, Munglyacha Mandir and the goddess Kamalaja Devia are the other temples that are inside the crater.

Daitya Sudan temple

Nature is abundant. There are 5 leopards living around the lake, peacocks, ducks of various species and many species of birds and as often see in India, we find curious monkeys who will be happy to ask you for some food.


From Aurangabad, you must count the day to visit to the Lonar lake. There are frequent buses from Aurangabad main station and if you are 3 people or more it is more convenient to take a car with driver.